Unfortunately, financial conflict in the household may result in breaking the divorce relationship. Please recognize that it may be the situation and not the relationship. Try to save the marriage using marriage counseling.

Child Custody

If the relationship cannot be saved then it may be appropriate to seek a divorce. The divorce issues may include minor children, custody, and a parenting plan.  Please see YouTube video below on how to evaluate which parent may end up with primary physical custody.


There may be an issue of whether one party should support the other party for a limited period of time. Is often difficult to predict how much and for how long because there are many factors considered including the length of the marriage, sacrificing a career to raise a family, the age of the parties, the education of the parties, the work experience of the parties and whether there is a disparity in income.

Division of Assets and Debts

Assets that are acquired in either person’s name during the marriage is a marital asset unless the asset was acquired by gift or inheritance and kept separate. Marital assets are divided equitably which means fairly and allows for consideration of relative contributions to the marriage. While many judges may decide that a fair distribution would be close to equal, it is difficult to predict.

Complimentary Strategy Session

There’s no charge for coming in and meeting with Steven R Jacob face-to-face to discuss the unique circumstances of your situation. Call now to schedule a complimentary strategy session.

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